About Us

What is Diggin' the Crates?

Diggin' the Crates is a social network for collectors of vinyl recordings, memorabilia, and the history of the vinyl era.

It's like FaceBook - but for collectors of all things vinyl related.

Who is Diggin' the Crates?

We are a social group of collectors of 78rpm records - with a member base of over 1000 worldwide. Started in 2017 as a place for collectors to specifically discuss and enjoy the hobby of collecting records - it has steadily grown to reach for over 50,000 page views every day! In the process, we've become a popular resource for users to research record labels and recording artists with extensive user-created discographies on a range of record labels, artists and record genres available. It is also a place to 'socialize' with other collectors using an interface similar to that used by FaceBook. It is free to join.